Bali / Indonesia, April 2015


What would Indu people do in a sunny, beautiful sunday morning? Of course they'd celebrate!

The Fields

My first time in Bali and Indonesia was for meeting Nova's family before our wedding. We also spent a week in Bali, mostly in surfing spots because Nova loves surfing, and I was enjoying watching fisherman, and my right foot was healing from being broken into pieces in Pfeiffer Beach. Eventually we wanted to explore more in Bali and started driving to a village called Jatiluwih, with beautiful views of rice fields. As we slowly get closer to the village, the road was becoming more green, surrounded by fields and farmers.
We began chatting with Jatiluwih locals eventually. They were very friendly and colorful. I don’t speak Indonesian but it was very easy to communicate with them. Almost every women were asking about my right foot.
Two kids were swimming in a water channel that passes through the fields. They didn’t mind we were sitting under the tree and taking photos of them.

The Ceremony

When we were taking photos of the fields, we saw a truck with some local Hindu women playing their traditional sounds. This was announcing the beginning of a baby shower ceremony in the village. We saw the house hosting the ceremony when we were walking around the village, and we started chatting with them about my injured foot again. The hospitality started that moment lasted until our departure. They welcomed us to the ceremony, making us feel like we’re one of them. The beginning of the ceremony was playing traditional sounds. As you an see in the following photos, mostly women in red clothes were playing traditional instruments. You can watch the video following the photos below.
You can watch the 15 seconds of the music ceremony in the following video.
Right next to the music, there was a stairs going up to a small temple (pura) for praying. One old and one young, two men were sitting and eating, when other women were putting some fruits and vegetables in the temple.

The Food

Although Nova and I were on the road since 5am without eating anything, we didn’t notice we’re hungry as we were constantly seeing something beautiful and new to our eyes. While we had a little break, standing in front of a wall, someone first brought us some breakfast. It was sweet rice in a big leaf, and some balinese coffee. It was my first time to taste Balinese sweet rice and coffee. This was the breakfast of the ceremony, and it was just the beginning! They were already preparing to have lunch, and asked us to have sit and try their ceremony lunch right after the coffee and sweet rice.

The Community

After gathering some more energy, we kept walking around the ceremony place, which consists of many tiny one-room houses, and the narrow streets connecting the houses and people. I think it’s an important detail about their lifestyle. Although they live in separate houses, they have a common kitchen and living area, and their houses are so close to each-other that it feels like you’re in the same building but different rooms. They live as a unified community rather than individuals. A crowd of men were gambling and smoking in one of the rooms, and they didn’t allow me to shoot their photos. One of them not gambling was ok with shooting him smoking. We met the organizer of the ceremony, an old man speaking good english. He gave us a bag of coffee as a present. You can see our photo below together when I’m holding a bag of coffee. After that, we had sit with women and chat with them in their kitchen area.
The Jatiluwih children were so lovely! They’re little bit shy but as friendly as their parents, and they love shooting photos! We took so many selfies with them in addition to the photos below.
We’ve spent only a few hours there and had to leave as I needed to connect to wifi and get some work done. The Jatiluwih community with beautiful culture and hearts, made us leave there with big smiles. Suksma Jatiluwih!