Who are we?

We are Nova and Azer, a married couple currently traveling around the world by hitchhiking and camping. We quit our jobs and sold everything we had, for doing we love as free as possible. Traveling slowly without making plans, we're learning how to enjoy a minimalistic road life that we only got our backpacks. Before starting to travel the world together, we were living in Oakland / California as immigrants. Azer was working at startups, Nova was a freelance photographer.Some weekends we went to roadtrips with our Subaru Outback 2004, some weekends we sold prints of Nova's photography on the street. Eventually we had to choose between absolute freedom and staying settled down, so we left US permanently. We don't know where and when we'll settle down again.

How did we meet?

In the winter of 2015, Nova was in Turkey as a part of her solo world trip, and Azer was volunteering in a refugee camp in Syria - Turkey border. After traveling around the west, Nova headed to Urfa, and her route after Urfa was Mardin, Hasankeyf and Van. And meanwhile, Azer left the refugee camp and headed to Hasankeyf to shoot aerial video there. We were on same route at same time, and met in an ancient madrasa in Mardin where we were taking photos. After meeting, we headed to Hasankeyf and do the shooting together. Our friendship became a relationship, the relationship became a marriage, and here we are :)


Her full name is Nova Togatorop, she is an Indonesian, originally a Batak tribe from North Sumatra. She grew up in Jakarta and worked as Interior Designer after graduating from college. She didn't like the office life as you can guess. Every friday night she would leave the city to go somewhere by hitchhiking, and she'd come back directly to office on Monday morning. On July 2014, she started her solo world trip. Spending at least a month in each country, she hitchhiked India, Nepal, Jordan and Turkey, then met her husband, Azer. She moved to Oakland / California after getting married and lived there together one year. During that time, she worked as photographer, sold her photos on the street, and also participated an art show in San Francisco.


His full name is Azer Koçulu, born and raised in Turkey. Azer's parents were teachers who got relocated a lot, so he grew up in many different cities, including Mardin, where he met Nova. Azer is a self-taught software engineer, he moved to Oakland / California on 2011, and worked at some tech startups in San Francisco. Oakland was the first city he deeply loved to live in. Living there changed his perspective of life a lot. Nowadays Azer is working on bunch of independent software projects that he always wanted to build, in addition to traveling the world with Nova.

Our Principles

We can travel without money but can not live without principles. Here is a list of principles that matter most for us: - Don't travel for ego, desire, comfort or money. - Travel for learning and experiencing a different culture. Open your heart to learning from others. Everyone knows something you don't know. - Have roadmates that you are together for having fun and exploring around, not for financial goals. - Leave no trace. - Respect and adopt to other cultures. - Share mutually. Sharing is giving without expecting. Don't take advantage of others. Be ethical when you share and watch out for others if they are happy to share. - Patriotic, religious and politic goals can't be a part of travel. Don't argue with locals about their views or choices. - Everyone is equal. Noone is superior than others.

Get In Touch

You can contact us by e-mail; {nova or azer}@roadbeats.com